Tuesday, August 4, 2009

my time at the beach has taken me away from thoughts of Iraq. It is becoming harder for me to remember the early days in Iraq and how excited I was with my new adventure. Sometimes I wonder,"how could I have been so trusting ?" I left a safe secure environment and traveled 10,000 miles away to a strange land.I am also surprised at how I adapted to this land and readily called Iraq my home.It was not easy at first,I was alone so much of the time.I learned how to be alone and to survive loneliness.I often ask myself why,why did I persist in living in Iraq. I could have easily returned home,did a residency in the states and lived a very easy and comfortable life. What did I Need from Iraq? I don't know if I will ever know the answer,maybe one day when God's plan for me is known ,I will know why?My book is doing very well,it is found all over the world.I am very happy that I have touched so many people.I hope they will realize no matter how dark our days are ,God will send Shumez(sunshine) in to our life.