Friday, April 30, 2010

Speech with a book club that chose my book

It is always nice to speak with readers that choose my book for their book club.When I am speaking to them ,I realize they are understanding more about what I am saying,I bring the words they read to life.I had a very enjoyable time this week at the Jewish synagogue where the book club had their meeting.I talked for two hours and we had an hour of questions,what a lovely time,it was like I went back in time and was talking to old friends.I am still very emotional during my speeches when I remember some of the things we went through.I will be returning to Iraq for a visit ,I don't know the exact time,but the plans are in the works.I am very excited about seeing Baghdad again.I probably will volunteer at the various clinics in Baghdad,when God gives us so much ,we should always give back when we can...Blessings...Diane


  1. Hi Diane
    on page 156
    The soldier that you let in to the prison oh sorry I mean to the hospital and the argument with Dr THABT.
    Tells you how narrow minded they were and i am afraid they are worse now- and tells you why Saddam managed to stay in power so long. she was convinced that the Iranian would blow up the hospital, time goes by and her fellow Iraqis started to blow up every things.

  2. PAGE 164- Talking about Hypochondria, believe it or not, (His name was Abdul Kareem -the Student who had the Bone Cancer) I did have Lt side Hip pain the same time, I couldn't sleep for days , went to the orthopedic out patient clinic, saw Dr Sinan Maki Al Azawi,he ordered an Xray which was normal and the pain gone the same day.