Monday, July 27, 2009

I was on my way to work at 630 am,when I stopped at MacDonald"s for my usual egg burrito an d decaf coffee.As I approached the door to go inside,my eye caught the headline of our local paper,it read the coalition is getting bigger .My thoughts immediately returned to 1990 when I was at home and the coalition was forming.Another Time ,another place. I realized at that moment how important is for us and the order to fight in a foreign land so far away we need friends.Iraq is our best Friend,it is the center of the Arab world,our friends are the nucleus of the arab world.we have the nucleus secure ,we can secure the surrounding area.National Geographics established that Adam and eve began in Iraq,in the south of Iraq in a small village where my husband was born,called Gurney.Visitors can see a small apple tree that the government secured with a wire fence,it is the tree of ,amazing so many battles have taken place in Iraq and this small apple tree remains.Iraq is our beginning we must protect it...Freedom is not Free

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A few Days Off

I took a small vacation and spent some wonderful days at the beach. As I walked along the beach,I wondered if all the families enjoying the beautiful beach,the white sand and the wonderful sunshine,did they appreciate their freedom.What a joy to hear children's laughter.I thought about the years that I spent ten thousand miles away and I felt sad that so much of my life was wasted living in fear.I know God has a plan for me.My time in Iraq will not be wasted; I hope to be the bridge between the Arab world and America.I want people to know the real Iraqi es. They are very strong ,very kind and they do love America. We just have to understand both cultures. I hope one day I can complete the bridge and we will be able to know one another.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Reliving my life

I was asked the question,how hard was it to write my book and remember my past.It took me 8 years to write my book.We returned to the states in 1993.Saddam was still in power,although I was living 10,000 miles away,I was still afraid.Living in fear for 17 years becomes a way of life.One learns to trust no one.The hardest thing is not to have an opinion,the part of one's brain that thinks and analyzes must be shut off,survival is more important.When desert storm 2,as I call it occurred and I woke early in the morning watching missiles being dropped all over Iraq,I knew how my parents felt when they watched Desert storm 1 and did not know if their daughter and their grandson and their son-in-law were alive.They blamed my husband because he did not discourage us from returning to Iraq.As I watched ,I thought of all the thousands of innocent men women and children that were killed at the hands of Saddam.I knew all those souls were in heaven watching the revenge for what they went thru.I know America was saying to them as missiles were falling can you hear us,and I felt in my heart their answer was yes we hear you and God heard us,an evil Dictator will be no more...Freedom is not free

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A break from Iraq

I will be on a speaking assignment for the next 4 days.I will not be writing anything.I will start writing again ,when I return.I enjoy my speaking engagement's.I have contact with alot of people,who are interesting in knowing the truth about Iraq.I would love to be a promotional speaking,my Passion is Iraq.I went thru alot of difficult and hard times,as a result I felt closer to God and I appreciate my Blessings more

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sadness from Iraq

Most days when I arrive home ,I listen to the news.On Wednesday ,I was listening to the news and I heard a bomb had exploded in Baghdad killing a number of people.AT that time,I felt sad for the families that had lost loved ones.On Thursday morning,I learned that a very dear and close Friend of ours lost his two grandchildren from his youngest daughter.Tears were streaming down my cheeks,and I looked up and said why God?I was so afraid to call and give my condolence because I was hurting so bad.When I did call,the first thing our dear friend said was God keep you safe,it was their time to return home.They are now in Heaven with God.the faith of the Muslim people is so strong ,they never question God,Allah,I am a Christian with a strong belief in God and when I heard the news ,the first thing I said was why ,God......

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Is there still interest in Iraq

I would love to have feedback on my I still have people interested in hearing about life in Iraq

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Life After Desert Storm

I didn't work after Desert Storm.I remained home because I did not know how the Iraqi people felt about me.I didn't see a change in my neighbors.I felt I was loved and still a part of the community.In my last blog ,I made a mistake,Saddam killed 300,000,shites in the south not 30,000. I spent my days cooking cleaning,playing with Lulu ,the little bird I found during the war and Shumez ,my precious little duck ,that I also found during the war.I raised them both from tiny babies ,they though I was their mom.The Iraqi people and their animals are very intelligent.Shumez,my baby duck that i found during the war was one of my Angels in my book.Shumez is Arabic for sunshine..Shumez gave me so much sunshine during the dark war days and many days after the war.

Monday, July 6, 2009

continuation of life in Iraq

My last post on Youserve,I mentioned the ugly black helicopters that Saddam was allowed to fly...In order to put the revolution down,Saddam killed 30,000 shites in the south of Iraq alone...the revolution was squashed,business as usual in a destroyed Iraq.People were persecuted more severely because they rose up against Saddam .He was going to make sure they never did it again. Saddam was a very intelligent man and he knew America would return.He began preparing for the second Desert storm that he knew would eventually occur in Iraq...he began rebuilding his palaces,the people were starving.The embargo was in place,the Iraqi people were given rations of ,sugar,rice,floor...fruit was scarce,meat was so expensive .When we returned to Baghdad ,there was no electricity. I would cook on a small gas stove.Although so many of the necessities were gone,no electricity,water was rationed,gas was scarce.Everyone stayed home,but that was a good thing ,there was more family life, we did not rush off to our clinics in the evening. We had socialized medicine in Iraq,we worked for the government in the morning and had our own clinic at night. Everything would close around 1pm . Everyone would be at home for their lunch and their siesta.Around 5 pm life began again.After Desert storm there were no longer clinics or shops open at night.We had only candles or lanterns for light at night. Families would gather around the lantern lit table and talk or play card or various games.It was very pleasant for us all to be together at night.The private Hospital near by had a generator and we would hear music being played at the Hospital.Happiness in the mist of a storm.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Angels Among Us Even In Iraq

I would love to continue my daily writings about my life in Iraq.I would like some feed back,if there is any interest in reading my daily logs,about my 17 years in Iraq. I know the iraqi people and i know the real truth about Iraq.