Monday, July 6, 2009

continuation of life in Iraq

My last post on Youserve,I mentioned the ugly black helicopters that Saddam was allowed to fly...In order to put the revolution down,Saddam killed 30,000 shites in the south of Iraq alone...the revolution was squashed,business as usual in a destroyed Iraq.People were persecuted more severely because they rose up against Saddam .He was going to make sure they never did it again. Saddam was a very intelligent man and he knew America would return.He began preparing for the second Desert storm that he knew would eventually occur in Iraq...he began rebuilding his palaces,the people were starving.The embargo was in place,the Iraqi people were given rations of ,sugar,rice,floor...fruit was scarce,meat was so expensive .When we returned to Baghdad ,there was no electricity. I would cook on a small gas stove.Although so many of the necessities were gone,no electricity,water was rationed,gas was scarce.Everyone stayed home,but that was a good thing ,there was more family life, we did not rush off to our clinics in the evening. We had socialized medicine in Iraq,we worked for the government in the morning and had our own clinic at night. Everything would close around 1pm . Everyone would be at home for their lunch and their siesta.Around 5 pm life began again.After Desert storm there were no longer clinics or shops open at night.We had only candles or lanterns for light at night. Families would gather around the lantern lit table and talk or play card or various games.It was very pleasant for us all to be together at night.The private Hospital near by had a generator and we would hear music being played at the Hospital.Happiness in the mist of a storm.

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