Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Life After Desert Storm

I didn't work after Desert Storm.I remained home because I did not know how the Iraqi people felt about me.I didn't see a change in my neighbors.I felt I was loved and still a part of the community.In my last blog ,I made a mistake,Saddam killed 300,000,shites in the south not 30,000. I spent my days cooking cleaning,playing with Lulu ,the little bird I found during the war and Shumez ,my precious little duck ,that I also found during the war.I raised them both from tiny babies ,they though I was their mom.The Iraqi people and their animals are very intelligent.Shumez,my baby duck that i found during the war was one of my Angels in my book.Shumez is Arabic for sunshine..Shumez gave me so much sunshine during the dark war days and many days after the war.

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