Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sadness from Iraq

Most days when I arrive home ,I listen to the news.On Wednesday ,I was listening to the news and I heard a bomb had exploded in Baghdad killing a number of people.AT that time,I felt sad for the families that had lost loved ones.On Thursday morning,I learned that a very dear and close Friend of ours lost his two grandchildren from his youngest daughter.Tears were streaming down my cheeks,and I looked up and said why God?I was so afraid to call and give my condolence because I was hurting so bad.When I did call,the first thing our dear friend said was God keep you safe,it was their time to return home.They are now in Heaven with God.the faith of the Muslim people is so strong ,they never question God,Allah,I am a Christian with a strong belief in God and when I heard the news ,the first thing I said was why ,God......

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  1. What a sad and terrible thing for your friend to lose 2 grandchildren. I can't even imagine how difficult that would be for the entire family.

    But I think that your asking "Why, God?" was just an expression of grief. I don't think it necessarily means that you were questioning your Christian faith. To me, a Christian has a very personal relationship with Jesus, and asking God "why?" is also asking for help in understanding and dealing with terrible tragedies. That is something that I'm glad we have the opportunity to do.