Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Reliving my life

I was asked the question,how hard was it to write my book and remember my past.It took me 8 years to write my book.We returned to the states in 1993.Saddam was still in power,although I was living 10,000 miles away,I was still afraid.Living in fear for 17 years becomes a way of life.One learns to trust no one.The hardest thing is not to have an opinion,the part of one's brain that thinks and analyzes must be shut off,survival is more important.When desert storm 2,as I call it occurred and I woke early in the morning watching missiles being dropped all over Iraq,I knew how my parents felt when they watched Desert storm 1 and did not know if their daughter and their grandson and their son-in-law were alive.They blamed my husband because he did not discourage us from returning to Iraq.As I watched ,I thought of all the thousands of innocent men women and children that were killed at the hands of Saddam.I knew all those souls were in heaven watching the revenge for what they went thru.I know America was saying to them as missiles were falling can you hear us,and I felt in my heart their answer was yes we hear you and God heard us,an evil Dictator will be no more...Freedom is not free

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