Monday, July 27, 2009

I was on my way to work at 630 am,when I stopped at MacDonald"s for my usual egg burrito an d decaf coffee.As I approached the door to go inside,my eye caught the headline of our local paper,it read the coalition is getting bigger .My thoughts immediately returned to 1990 when I was at home and the coalition was forming.Another Time ,another place. I realized at that moment how important is for us and the order to fight in a foreign land so far away we need friends.Iraq is our best Friend,it is the center of the Arab world,our friends are the nucleus of the arab world.we have the nucleus secure ,we can secure the surrounding area.National Geographics established that Adam and eve began in Iraq,in the south of Iraq in a small village where my husband was born,called Gurney.Visitors can see a small apple tree that the government secured with a wire fence,it is the tree of ,amazing so many battles have taken place in Iraq and this small apple tree remains.Iraq is our beginning we must protect it...Freedom is not Free

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